Serious Sally

Being a Nanny means dealing with countless “catch 22” type situations. You’re damned it you do- damned if you don’t. You cannot possibly be doing the kind of work you should be if you’re not giving yourself fully. Giving yourself fully like a good Mom does, means sacrifices. You get so used to being slided… Continue reading Serious Sally


Today was the kind of day where there isn’t a time that you go to the bathroom where you aren’t almost peeing your pants. Forget even going by yourself…having to hold it to the point of an accident is redic…and at 4:37, I found a minute to go. And that is also the time of… Continue reading 4:37


I’m not a shopper. Never really have been. Besides the epidemic of being addicted to Target…I do not shop on a regular basis. Lately- not the case. All I do is “add to cart” or push a cart around the store. It’s becoming quite the problem. I’m not even sure where this newly found pastime… Continue reading DH


I love the saying, “The best part about my home is who I share it with.” A woman for suuuuure said that- and she is most likely talking about her husband. I’m still waitin’ on one of those, so until he shows up, I share my house with all my chicks. In my living room… Continue reading Home