Whidbey Island

The ferry is SO neat. If my car could talk, I bet she would have said she was nervous to be up there, but so worldly at the same time.

Whidbey is a special place for lots of reasons, but the main reason is because my cute Dade used to live on the island. It’s full of friendly people, good restaurants and stores packed full of shit that you do not need. One thing that we all three definitely needed though- was a bottle of that Italian dressing that was on our salads at lunch. It is- so damn good. You could dip anything in it- seriously an old shoe would taste bomb covered in it. We went to Village Pizzeria in Langley and we ordered a spinach, feta, and pepperoni pizza. Yummmm. The place was charming and we all thought it was endearing to hear them announce to walk ins that they were “out of cheese” at a pizzeria..I kind of thought that their poor planning suited the place. I introduced myself to a boy named Alex who was one of the ones who got turned down for pizza. I sent him on his way with two pieces of ours and I could tell it made his day- WA is making me feel generous.

•Don’t we look happy to be not working?




Last stop was at Callahan’s Firehouse before we headed out. I wish I could say I owned the place. First order of business if I DID own it would be to remove the facial piercings off the barista and maybe pump her up with a little more personality. Most people were dolls on the island so I guess you can’t win em’ all.


Better sign off- the girls are planning a hike for tomorrow…good lord. They don’t know it just yet but my plan for tomorrow is to make friends at some coffee place at the BOTTOM of the mountain. We went on a two hour walk today…don’t want to get too skinny!

Xo- JC

SOTD- The Lumineers “Ho Hey” because I’m always searchin’ for my sweetheart. I must say- the Washington boys on POF are on point…I’ll keep you updated


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