Jack and Jill


Before I was Nanny extraordinaire, I used to work in a State Farm Insurance office. I liked talking to the people that called but quickly realized that unless someone is calling to add their new car to the policy, most of the calls were grouchy. Anyway- one day I was cruising down Rose ave. on my lunch break and I saw this rickety looking sign nailed to a big tree that said,


I immediately hit the brakes. I had to get in there and see those babies. I knocked on the door and this super nice lady said to come on in and take a look. I walked in and this house was reallllly something else- I mean…very dirty. This woman had her whole kitchen dedicated to those puppies. Covering the floor was what she called “litter” which was really saw dust and those sweet little babies were all trained to use the bathroom on the saw dust. I looked across the kitchen and there was my Jack. He had a little orange ribbon around his neck and he looked at me, and I swear he knew I was his Momma. I was NOT in the market for a dog…especially a dog that was supposed to be close to a 150 lbs! Not to mention that I lived with my parents at the time and I knew my Dade was going to say no. Well, what he really said when I asked him was,

Idiot- why are you doing this to me??!

*my Dade calls me “Idiot”

Later that night I talked him in to going to just “look” at Jack and to see both of the parents. A half an hour later and I was at Petsmart getting everything my new baby needed…including the “litter” that he was used to. Hey- that litter thing was a little weird but Jack was potty trained in 5-7 days. Fastest masterpiece dog my family has ever had.

That was 10 years ago- I constantly tell Jack that he was the best $1000 I ever spent. He is the best dog ever…he can never be replaced and there will never be a better dog than him. Straight up. Jack got big fast but I still used to take him everywhere with me like he was my little chihuahua. Including into the grocery store when he was a 40 lb puppy- I guess being asked to leave the produce department at Raleys wasn’t that much of a stretch…at the time I was suuuper offended. Ha.

A month ago we had a really big scare where the doctor we saw was throwing the “cancer” word around and I was…ballistic. I know that Jack is going to die someday, but I don’t want him to die from cancer. Long story short- a few weeks of very expensive medicine and Jack does not have cancer. Thank god. But one thing he does have…are his balls. WHICH, are being taken off as we speak. Having your pets fixed lowers their chance of getting cancer in that area by 90-95%- off they go! I feel like Bob Barker,

Lower the pet population…have your pets spayed or neutered!

When I take Jack to the vet, I usually cry the entire appointment. It’s very annoying and I assured the staff that I wasn’t abused or have emotional issues regarding anything else, other than subjects related to my boy.

I can’t say enough nice things about my vet. I LOVE It there. The staff is always on point and never make me feel like a nutcase for cussing when I’m upset, or crying like a weirdo. If you have any doubts about your pets doctor, make the switch to Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital in Turlock. They are open 7 days a week and are also open late to avoid emergency vet fees and overpriced after hour clinics. We see Dr. Avalle and my favorite desk girl is Tessa…call today! 209.634.0023 or you can text them anytime for questions about your dog or cat 209.648.1824. The texting feature is so cool and of course I abuse it. Whoever answers the text messages probably rolls their eyes when they see anotherrrr message from Jack’s momma. Too bad!

Jack surgery went perfect and he is home and resting…He seems to be doing fine which is such a relief. I drove like a 90 year old Oldsmobile owner all the home to make sure he was comfortable. It’s funny- people fail you over and over…but the the love that comes from an animal never does. Maybe I’ll put the search for a husband on hold and just get a few more bull mastiffs 🙂


Happy New Year 🙂

Xo- JC


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