Oh hey guys…Nanny here. What better time to check in than the beginning of the new year. I wish I could say that I missed you as much as you missed me (totalllllllly flattered btw) but last year was a little…rough for ol’ Nanny. Nothing too too crazy, but I most certainly lost sight of what I love about my job. If I’m being completely candid- I soul searched a lot last year, even entertaining the idea of a different job. Feeling uninspirired, at times- unappreciated, and exhausted, I couldn’t help but not want to write about it. I found that every blog post was me bitching and complaining. When it got to the end where I would proofread to make sure there weren’t any typos (omg- there are alwayssss a million!) I wouldn’t even recognize the words I had JUST finished typing. Why the hell would my readers want to hear about how one of my boss’ (not Dana- she’s always on time) were late AGAIN, or how I had to miss an appointment because I can never get off in time. You people say you want to hear it, but I can’t imagine why! I straight up needed an attitude adjustment, I just wasn’t quite sure how to get it. I finally (well, I think so anyway…) figured it out. Lessen the work load…and not be as loaded- ha. Basically if you see me pimpin’ the same Nanny uniform, day in and day out, roots a lot more grown out than you’re used to, and top ramen in my grocery cart- take that as a good sign that I’m happier! Mo’ money, mo’ problems. 

I’m still the same girl. I’m still boy crazy. I’m still blonde. And I’m still Nanny. In the past year, my big Brother Matthew (Boo) married my sister in love Nicole, and together they had my godbaby, Greyson. That little boy- is the sweetest, and happiest little boy…ever. My love for him is BIG. Addison started preschool and is almost 2 going on 22. She sings Taylor Swift better than I do and no matter how old she gets, she will ALWAYS be my first love. Let’s move on before I start to cry…  


Nannyland news- Owen is now a big man on campus first grader. He knows that his Nanny will go down there and raise hell when needed, but so far this school year- I haven’t had to…too much 🙂 except for frequent emails from me to his teacher checking on his attitude and her giving me the REAL reason as to why he would throw Ashley’s snack away at recess. Punk. I did, however, forget about minimum day one time this year. Something that I thought I was absolutely invincible to- turns out I’m not. I cried for an hour, and even now, I can well up just by thinking about how bad I felt for forgetting. The next day, I had warm cookies (S/O to Cookie Cravingz) for all the office ladies who waited with Owen until I got there.  They hope I forget another min. Day soon-  Nevertheless, that little sucker reminds me OFTEN… 

“Nanny, remember that one time you were sooooooo late picking me up at school and you were crying?”


“Nanny- don’t forget about minimum day…Daddy, Nanny said she won’t ever ever ever forget about me again!” 

On that one ^ I’m for suuuure giving him a dirty look over his Dad’s (you know, the guy that writes my check) shoulder.  


Millie- is just a little ginger snap ball buster. Damn, I sure love that about her. She is so smart, and happy, and is my little partner in crime. She is seriously down to go wherever, whenever. She commands attention in all situations and always knows exactly what color she wants her nails (and toes) on mani-pedi day…she truly is always on my mind and close to my heart.    

Mia- we have come a long way. Mia is also very true to herself…which I so love and admire about her. She doesn’t hand out courtesy smiles, she says hi to who SHE wants to, and is always at her own pace. Some would see this as stubborn, I see it as Mia being her genuine self. Mia, who is mainly referred to as Mae (not sure how the heck that happened) is still a fan of Nannys bed and the Nannynook. There isn’t a time of day where she’s not cool with being cradled like a baby, being fed like a baby, and I call her my 6 month old to this day- she’ll be 2 in May. Some days she’s super easy, and some days she still has to sit on my lap while I pee (the struggle is real) but my love for her runs realllllll deep- like…we kiss on the lips at least 20 times a day, deep.   

Riley- my new baby chick who we are so excited to welcome to Nannyland at the end of January. I’m not gonna lie- after Mia I said I would never do a newborn again- but after a good hiatus, I’m happy to warm up my swaddle skills for her. 

Just remembered that I titled this post twentysixteen- you guys probably thought I would fire off with some kick ass resolutions…leave it to me to get off on a tangent! Here’s what I’m thinkin…

1. Operation Get Sexier- you knowww what this all entails…putting it into action for me, seems to be the hardest part. Shoutout to Studio V for welcoming me (and my bad attitude if I’m not feeling like doing push-ups that night) with open arms…that place- is the shit. 

2. Argument parties- I, Jill Courtney Callahan, promise in 2016 that I will not attend every argument that I am invited to. Smile and nod people, smile and nod. 

3. I accept- I truly do admire people who stay true to their true self. That being said- sometimes you don’t always mesh with people’s true selves! It’s fine! But rather than cutting them out of your life all together, just take them in smaller doses. Especially people that you aren’t around alllllll the time. I’ve found that it’s much cozier for me to be civil, rather than to be a sourpuss. I can’t help but think if we all accepted everyone for who they are a little…better, I guess, then we would be more open to collaborating them into what is best for us. It’s all about balance…so they say. I’m no pro- little fish starting out in a big pond- I’ll update you on my progress. 

4. Charitable- I donated some time this Christmas season at the Gospel Mission in Modesto and it was honestly- my most favorite thing I’ve done in a while. Rather than hand loose change to the stranger on the road who has more money than I do, I want to spend some more time at the mission. Yep! 

5. Penny for your thoughts- you guys, this is the neatest little savings plan! I’ll post the picture below, but basicalllllly you put a penny in the jar for each day of the year and eventually is adds up to almost $700 by the end of the year. For mine, I’m doubling it. Plus, it’s soooo much easier to “steal” from your dollar bill savings stash- pennies are stinky and annoying so I’m fairly certain they’ll stay put in the jar.  

Annnnnnnd here’s a cute one of Owen I. Because I love him so much annnnd because the swoop was on point that day- why not, right?  


Are you still reading?? I’m almost done…
So- from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all your kind words and requests for my blog to come back. It makes me excited to know that you’re excited for my blog. So since #husbandhunt2015 was a bust- I’m gearing up for #husbandhunt2016 and plan on getting butterflies from you and your excitement! 

Here’s to you- and whatever the hell makes you happy, and smile, and radiate. My motto for 2016 is “start wasting time with the right people” oh- and to drink more red wine.

Xo, JC 


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