What keeps you up at night? 

I fricken love the housewives. Not all of them, but Beverly Hills is my favorite. I never won’t want to talk about how great Kyles hair is, or just how darling Lisa Rinna is- last week they all went around the table and chatted about what keeps them up at night. Thanks for the blog post idea ladies…I just know we’d be friends if I lived closer/had a private jet/drove a Maserati. Until then- Bravo is my go to channel.  

So come on- what keeps you up at night? I’ve never really been a dweller- maybe it would do me a little good if I dwelled a little more. I just don’t happen to be one of those people who chill in bed wide awake at 3am and think. I find that if I fixate myself on something bothersome that it completely takes over my whole body. I just- don’t have the luxury to crumble…some might say that I handle my (I’m going to cuss) shit a little better than the average joe- I’ll take it! One thing that really is always on my mind are my chicks. Especialllllllly on the weekends. I find myself constantly talking about something funny that Millie did, or wondering if Owen took a shower- or how I found Mae’s binky in my bed from one of our cuddle sessions. Sometimes I’ll stop dead in my tracks and remember how I forgot to take out that disgusting diaper that got left on the counter. Chances are that the reason it’s on the counter in the first place, is because someone took a header mid-route of me taking that sucker out. It happens. In fact- it happened yesterday. Ha 

In otherrrrrr newwwwws. I’d love to hear what you guys would like me to blog about! So far- the concensus is topics that have nothing to do with Nannyland. Which makes me laugh because I’d like to do a nice little collaboration buttttt I’m not sure how to mesh internet dating, and diaper rash. Btw- aquaphor.com is the only thing you should use. Anyway- send me a comment and I’ll decide just how inappropriate I should get. Also- it’s been brought to my attention that I need to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep the dudes interested. NOTED. Who knows- maybe my next blog post will be about the newest machine from John Deere, or dudes always seem to like talking about cars. I can semi hang with both of those topics- get excited boy readers!

Moving on- next week Riley comes to Nannyland! We are so ready for her. This past weekend my mom and dad helped me get the girls room all ready and cute for nighty time. Until now, Mia and Millie did nap in separate rooms but I want Riley to have her own space. Millie seriously feels like she’s at summer camp. Suuuuuper excited to have “Mama” in her room for nap. They aren’t supposed to talk, but I betcha they whisper and talk about the housewives…

You guys- I tried for this license plate when I first got my car and it wasn’t available. I randomly checked the other day and boom- available.  

 So yes I ordered it, and yes I’m hoping it clears up the confusion on how I could possibly be the mother to all these kids at my age. I’m excited! 
I sure hope this post finds you well…and happy. 

Xo- JC 


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