Girlfriends- quality over quantity 

   I often find myself channeling the best ever, Carrie Bradshaw and her ever so famous line “I couldn’t help but wonder” crosses my mind like crazy- and if I felt HALF as cool as Carrie Bradshaw is, I would use her line more often…with pride. I may not share her love of shoes (sorry- more of a flip flop girl!) or Vogue magazine (listen- I would be if they would ever put a woman on the cover with more meat on her bones) but what we do share is, the love of writing, and the love we have for our girlfriends. 

I told my girlfriend Chanelle the other day that I would make friends with all the scary girls in high school because I wanted to make damn sure I would never get my ass kicked in the bathroom- of course she laughed because she’s always laughing.

 While I didn’t have much in common with the girls who were a little rough around the edges, I still found value in those friendships- even if all it was was security walking through the halls…very valuable in high school! I feel like even now, I tend to have a very eclectic group of friends. Don’t worry- I’m not going to call you ladies out by name- even though I loveeeee a little front street action, I’ll refrain. For me, as I’ve gotten older, I have found value in quality over quantity. Simply because- it’s better that way! I don’t feel the need to put up with certain personalities that don’t mesh with mine, and because I just straight up don’t want to! In friendships, I often find myself being the doer. The one that is the ride or die type. The one who shows up for everyone. Well, that is who I am. Through and through- but I have learned that it’s even more awesome to be in friendships when it is reciprocal…what a concept, right?  


Speaking of being right- how important is it to you to be “right” all the time? I struggle with this one. I’m not sure where it comes from but I struggle with making other people feel like my opinion is the right opinion. Does that make sense? Lemme explain- just because you have a very valid point, it doesn’t always make you right- it just makes you valid. Well- that’s how I feel anyway. I know it’s crazy cliche but I see a whole lot of truth and proof in the whole “women supporting each other” movement. We really do need to be a whole lot nicer to each other. Me being a very opinionated and fixer type of person, I find myself needing to just listen to my girlfriends more, rather than offering some advice that I might not have any business giving! I instantly feel like if one of my girlfriends is in distress, that I want to fix it, or at least give them a bandaid type of pep talk to make them feel better- when in actuality, its better to just be quiet and say “mmmhmm” every 45 seconds to make sure they know you’re still on the line. Something that I’m working on 🙂 

Meg always tells me that she’s nervous for when I get married because she feels like I’ll disappear- Kimi has always said this too…and I alwaysssss tell them “you’re right!” Just to freak em’ out a little. I definitely do believe that friendships change and shift when girlfriends get married…a new dynamic is what we could call it. Which is hard for some friends to get used to. I think my friends are so used to me being Jill party of one that it will be an adjustment. My hope for my girlfriends when I get married is that they know I’m always here, but just not before I fry my husbands steak ::wink wink:: 

Sunday afternoon, I was walking through Vintage market, without really looking at anything too intently because I drank too much red wine the night before- good lord. Anyway- I heard a baby with killer hiccups and all I wanted to do is hook that chick up with some mylacon and a binky. Turns out her mom had it covered (you go girl) and we got to chatting. About 3 minutes into the conversation about babies, being a mom, and being a nanny, I found myself on an unsolicited interview. I felt very thankful to tell her that Nannyland is full. Feels good to always have my hands…and my heart- full. 

What are you guys looking forward to this week? I’m excited to be heading to Pebble Beach at the end of the week for a few days- I deserve it. I’ll be spending Singles Awareness Day with girlfriends- we’re hoping (well, at least I am anyway…) for sourdough bread, foggy mornings, and maybe see a couple celebrities in town for the golf tourney. Nanny, don’t ever say “tourney” again…  


Call your girlfriends- talk shit- start a group text- meet for coffee- or just do that “mmmhmm” thing I talked about earlier…don’t even try to get through this life without the help of your girls. 

I just sent you all a big hug- feel it? Hope so! 

Xo- JCC 

PS- my fav Carrie quote..



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