Unsolicited advice 

  Sometimes I just don’t think it’s possible for us humans to be quiet and listen. Honestly! I struggle with this all the time- I told you in my last blog post that I’ll work on it- still working on it. I definitely think there is a fine line in offering a “tip” to someone and offering advice. Especially when it comes to kids, it seems like women have absolutely no regard in offering their two sense on controversial topics such as, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, pacifiers- you get it. Maybe I’ll patent a phrase that clear coats just exactly when people are seeking advice and when they are not. Point is- when you are not directly asked your opinion, you shouldn’t give it. ST-RAIGHT UP. Now, this good character trait carries on everywhere in your life. Isn’t that neat?! Last week especially, I had major beef with FB- so many people bitching and complaining about so many things that- well, just aren’t necessary. I’d killllll for people to put their energy elsewhere- rather than passive aggressive comments and posts. I found myself wanting to post something “passive aggressive” which of course…IS passive aggressive. Lol- I refrained and saved it for my blog post. I figured that I would use my blog as a sound board for a little good old fashioned, unsolicited advice! A blog post full of oxymorons! I just think that keeping our useless comments to ourselves would make the world a better place- but what do I know?? One thing I do know for sure is that you won’t blow up for holding it inside. Orrrr if you really feel compelled to get it out, buy a freakin’ journal already. Paper…pen…nightstand drawer…much better. 

Moving on- Saturday night I went out with a group of friends and I couldn’t help but notice just how much we all laughed. Like- realllllly laughed. Funny what a few hours with good people does for your soul. We went to dinner first, and drinks after. While looking at the dinner menu, the waitress asked how the checks should be separated. My girlfriend’s (and new reader, hi Megan!) husband added me to his bill as his “second wife” just so I wouldn’t be alone on my bill. At the time, I honestly hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t coupled up, but that small gesture was big in my heart- so very sweet and kind. Thank you Neuson fam for taking me under your wing- you are just the type of warm and fuzzy people that the world needs more of! 

My wish for you this week is to find it in your heart to make a small gesture to someone that will consider it to be big in their heart. I’m not giving you any ideas- you know what to do! 

Happy Sunday 💋

Xo, JC 


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