Nothing is out of the blue 


They always say that nothing compares to the intuition of a woman. That unbelievable feeling when you just knowww something isn’t right, or not matching up or whateverrrr. Most people will tell you to always follow your intuition or to trust your gut. I hate the word gut so you’ll never catch me saying that. There is something tricky about that intuition word though! What if you really truly trust your intuition (I get five bucks every time I use that word in this blog post) and you get blindsided…or you fall flat on your face…or heartbroken. Does that mean that our intuition was wrong, or that we were just ignoring red flags? I think about this one often, guys. Sometimes I will get an overwhelming feeling about something and I’ll be right. Other times, I’ll still get that feeling and be completely off. Back to the word blindsided. Dr. Laura always says that “Nothing is out of the blue” and I totally agree…until you’re the one left feeling completely blindsided…out of the blue. Ha. I’m starting to think this is a real doozie of a hodge podge blog post, but it was something I was thinking about and let’s get real…I’ve been needing to post one. I was talking with one of my girlfriends this afternoon about dating and yada yada yada. We were discussing how shit gets wayyyy more real when you’re still single late 20’s and even more real in your early 30’s. For me, yeah, it’s not that fun to be the only single one out with a group of couples, and yes I do wish there was someone watching the sports channel at my house more often, (come hungry please) those things are a drop in the bucket of importance if I don’t have major chemistry/connection with someone. Soooo many quotes and therapists, and life coaches will tell you that you must love yourself first before you’ll be able to love someone else. That is real talk. Although I spend a ton of time falling more in love with myself (lol) I do get lonely, but not lonely enough to settle. I told you at the beginning of the year that one of my resolutions was to start wasting time with the right people, to which not settling is all about. That brings me to a question: at what point does putting yourself more out there, and wasting time with the wrong people connect? Call me crazy but I tend to follow my intuition on this one and it doesn’t matter if you’re male (PLEASE be male…no offense GF’s) or female, why spend valuable time of your life with someone you don’t want to? For whatever your reasons are! Maybe you are being unrealistic. Maybe you are being too picky. Or maybe- for whatever fricken reason, you’re not feeling it! I’m here to tell you that it is ok. It’s totally ok. It might not make sense to anyone else, but it’s always going to be ok to follow your heart. From my 31 year old perspective, I’ve spent so much time on my own, that people may think that I will marry the next guy that comes along. It’s the exact opposite for me. I am wayyyy more selective on who I spend time with (especially romantically) because I’m paranoid about wasting time with the wrong person. Call me crazy, but after this long of a search, I will be making damn sure that he is worth my time. I do have a list and no it’s not unattainable- but it may or may not include (it’s low on the list, relax) that he has a respectable vehicle. Here’s hoping it’s a full size truck… Yep. I said it.  


This whole intuition business goes lots of places with you in life. One of the first things that I tell families that interview me for Nanny services, is that if they have any reservations about me at all, to not hire me. Always trust your intuition on who you allow in your home and around your kids. That being said, it will forever be one of the greatest joys, and compliments of my life, that the parents I work for, trust ME with their most prized possessions- it will never be something I take lightly. 

On to Easter- it started out a little rough but ended on a high note. My baby nephew Greyson showed up in a bunny costume and hunted for eggs like a professional at one. He loved watching his brothers run back and forth, and is such a happy dude. Addison…that girl is never not going to take my breath away. Her little Easter dress and bow, and chubby legs…my cup runneth over. It was nice to have my family together, get put in a headlock (or two) by my brothers, and of course my Dades French toast. I hope your day was just as special. 

I know this blog post wasn’t very funny (ha) but I felt like it was important- I’ll start working on a funny one for next time. Until then, I hope you are happy and I think you should go out and do something that makes your whole face light up! Or makes your heart warm! You catch my drift. 

Xo- JC 

Ps- you guys…this is random, but you have to order the almond shower oil from L’occitane. It makes shaving super smooth and smells like a little piece of heaven. or has it too. 💋


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