There are so many reasons to be thankful for living the life you do. Friday- is so one of them. Maybe your Friday falls on a Monday…or Tuesday…you get it. There is something refreshing about driving away from work on a Friday. Listen- I love what I do- but these kids, are straight up exhausting. At the end of the week, I can guareetee you that I have yet to pee alone, not even one single time. Sometimes at the end of the week, all it will take is my boss to be 3 minutes late and I will want flip the eff out- I’ll find myself saying, “I’ve been here since 6:45 in the morning…I don’t want to stay even 30 seconds late!” over and over… But shit, it’s true! I looooove your kids, but when it’s your time to get them, Nanny is ready to peace out! Nonetheless, I’ve been wanting to be more…in the moment and present. My current goal for myself is strive for more calmness in Nannyland. I know that is not always possible- four kids out the door by 8:30 is rough…that means four bellies to fill up, four faces (and hands) to wash, and four heads of hair to comb. I’ll look in the rear view mirror at all of them on the way to school and they look fabulous and I look…homeless. Deeeep breath. 

So- the calmness thing. When I am in the moment and focusing on being calm, everything runs smoother. Is “smoother” a word? sounds weird. Anyway- I’ll find myself feeling happier and less worried about tedious details. The goal now is to work on being calm more than one day a week… Always a work in progress.  

On Fridays, we go to kids yoga at Village Yoga Center in Mchenry Village. Owen loves it. I was telling my gf Dana that I truly believe that the kids instructor is a heaven on earth angel. She is one of those people that leaves you feeling better after you see her. She will explain to the kids that “namaste” is the feeling you get when your Mommy hugs you and gives you a warm chocolate chip cookie…how cute is that? She (her name is Kate) tells every one of the kids that she loves them and makes them all feel equally important. I’m not kidding you guys, she is so awesome. Today when class was over, she lined all the kids up in a single file line- she sat on the ground in front of them, and one by one, she asked them to make eye contact with her (which I love) and told them things like “you are amazing…you are brilliant…you are beautiful…you are empowered…you are brave” and then gave them a big hug and told them all that she loved them. Owen was third in line, and needless to say, as soon as she started talking to my boy, I was crying. It was- the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. Words of affirmation are worth more than any toy, or treat, or new shirt. Telling those kids how amazing she thinks they are, truly touched me to the core. I took major notes today and the second we got in the car, I told Owen and Millie just how much Nanny loves them and that I think they are great…Mia and Riley will get their spiel on Monday 🙂 

Even at two, Millie’s shoulders went up to her ears when I told her she’s beautiful and how much I love her…please tell you children something you love about them…right now! After all, the only reason you’re a mom is because of them. 

Cheers to the freakin weekend! My plan is to spring clean the hell out of my little house. When this happens- I usually toss too much stuff out. If I haven’t touched it in a year- it’s goin’. I can’t think of a good reason that Uggs and scarves are still out either. All this clutter is not making for a very calm environment. See what I did there?? Ha

Enjoy the rain this weekend- April showers bring May flowerssssss

Xo- JC 


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